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RoboPedia AI Solutions

RoboPedia LiveChat Bot

To increase ecommerce sales, you need a strategic approach combining technology, marketing expertise, and a deep understanding of customer behavior. Can it be done in one day? Well, as they say, you can't build Rome in a day, but you can sell a few Colosseum tickets with a killer flash sale! Integrate RoboPedia LiveChat with tools you already use or add new ones to provide even faster and more accurate service. Chat with your customers, send their details to your CRM, manage their orders and accept their payments – all that without leaving the interface!

RoboPedia AI Agent

Robopedia AI is a cutting-edge platform powered by Language Model (LLM) technology designed to offer a comprehensive suite of services across various industries. Leveraging advanced AI capabilities, Rodopedia AI provides a wide range of functionalities and data analytics insights to support businesses in making informed decisions and optimizing operations.

RoboMate RPA

Robomate stands as a trailblazer in the realm of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), heralding a new era of efficiency, productivity, and innovation in business operations. As an advanced RPA solution, Robomate exemplifies unparalleled capabilities and transformative potential, redefining how organizations streamline their processes and optimize workflows.

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Act Now! Start connect your customer with Robopedia LiveChat & ChatBot!

LiveChat is an online customer service tool for O2O, O2PaaS, O2C and ecommerce. It opens up a new sales and support channel that can complement your email and phone use. With features like visitor monitoring, built-in ticketing system and many integrations, you’re ready to serve your customers from one place.

You can use LiveChat from your favorite browser or via desktop apps for OSX and Windows. When you’re on the go, you can simply turn the mobile app on and talk to customer from any place and at any time. You can also place LiveChat on your Facebook page and reply to messages and comments directly from the app.

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ChatBot is a one-in-all solution that lets you create fully operating chatbots. The scenario tree structure and drag and drop interface are very intuitive. Quick Academy lessons can guide you through more complex topics such as capturing user data, using filters and training your bot. You can publish your bot in seconds using one-click integrations with popular messaging apps, and live chat services or just use a Chat Widget.

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HelpDesk is a game changer for customer support. Try it out now to simplify your operations and improve your ticket management efficiency.

LiveChat Partners Program enables you to monetize your content as a blogger, social media creator, website owner, or a marketer. You can just simply copy a referral link from the Partner dashboard or create dedicated advertising campaigns that will help you earn passive income in no time!

With the LiveChat Partner Program, you can get closer to financial independence, support your passions, and gain more time to spend it with your family and friends, with (almost) no effort. Imagine that you could travel more, and not be reliant on a 9-5 job!

The Program has all the resources to help you succeed. Once you register on their website, you’ve got access to multiple marketing resources, including ready-to-use tweets, screenshot, and branded visuals. All of which are fully customizable so – with basic coding skills – you can mix and match them without any limits.

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IoT Application Design

From prototyping to go-to-market manufacturing, our agile concept to launch framework and timeline gives you the fastest road to customer acquisition. That is especially important if you are a startup at the critical stage of having to earn the first dollar to prove your salt in earnings.

IoT Consultancy & Management

From idea and strategy to design and enhancement, we provide game-changing solution consulting for Smart Business. That is to help connected enterprises to compete against new and nimble competitors, reimagine customer experiences and uncover more revenue opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity

We are specialists at reducing cyber exposure in a converging IT/OT world. We evaluate and identify security breaches by deploying Artificial Intelligence as a control method for IT/OT security. Our custom systems can be trained to generate alerts for threats, identify new types of malware and protect sensitive data for enterprises.

IoT Application Hardware & Software Design

Our hardware development and software development processes are made up of several stages from background research to tooling to production. Most importantly, we mitigate technical and financial risks by testing and modifying IoT design framework on our Saas Platform to come up with the best case scenario before a product goes into manufacturing phase.

Academic Industrial Training Course

Aletheia Technology is an official partner of universities and higher institutions to prepare students for work life in the technology sector. Our Internship Programme gets students industry-ready by letting them gain hands-on problem solving experience when rolling out on-going projects. From the industrial training, students develop skills in the areas of critical thinking, work ethics and communication.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation For Your Business

Whether your business is early in its journey or well on its way to digital transformation, Alibaba Cloud can help solve your toughest challenges.
There has never been a more exciting time in technology. We are experiencing one of the most significant shifts in history, where AI is creating entirely new ways to solve problems, engage customers, and work more efficiently. Our Cloud Consultant is ready to help organisations build a new way forward in an increasingly AI-driven world.

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