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The Technologies

We push delivery of project implementation to new frontiers of efficiency and

control by harnessing emerging technologies and building digital capability.



Wearable technology makes tasks, including on-site communication, real-time support, and asset data capture, efficient and secured.



Drones are useful for collection of data via aerial image and 3D models and tracking of project progress.



Integrated cloud-based PaaS programme to reduce the need for large technology solution investment costs when deploying the digital edge.



Analysis of database to identify key drivers for reducing costs, on-time project completion and optimal operational efficiency when executing a largescale project.


Key IoT Applications

The Environment

E.g., To monitor pollution levels and get advanced warning signals.

Sensors and Connectivity

E.g., To check level of physical activity, like walking and running.

The City

E.g., To light the streets more efficiently and cost-effectively


E.g., To maintain quality, consistency and safety.

 The Home

E.g., To avoid domestic mishaps.

Intelligent Distruptions to Capture Critical Performance Parameter

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