Smart Homes

The time has come for you to have absolute control over everything at home.

Well . . . almost anyway.


Introducing Zigbee.


Zigbee is a standard-base technology of choice for world-leading service providers, installers and retailers of Smart Home applications when deploying Internet of Things. A wireless solution that is easy-to-navigate and will not cost a bomb.


So, be comfortable, be convenient and most important of it all, be secured.




  • Simple InstallationNo wiring when deploying Zigbee wireless technology.
  • ConvenientUser-friendly design and interaction.
  • Secure CloudReliable smart home cloud platform.
  • More CompatibleConfigured to link with smart devices of different brands.
  • Low Power Consumption. Stable and minimal down time communication.

 Home Sweet Home.

All Yours to Have.



  • 24-hour remote control and management.
  • Monitor the energy consumption
  • Self-adjusting lighting and A/C temperature control
  • Cloud-base data analysis for optimising energy consumption
  • Ease-of-navigation for all users

Smart Home Sensor Products



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Zigbee Sensor

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