Traditional methods of measuring workplace safety and workers’

performance are largely manual in nature and based on subjective opinion.


Relying heavily on massive manual data collection efforts, which are infrequent, costly and prone to

data entry errors, the data sets gathered are often too small for effective project assessment and management.


The Smart Hat Intelligent Workplace Solution.


The Smart Hat overcomes the limitations of manual efforts by automating safety monitoring and workplace performance.


Like an automated monitoring system, Smart Hat can acquire data, make analysis,

and immediately deliver that response to project managers for no lag action.


The Industrial Workplace is a Hazard.


Just imagine. A worker may unknowingly walk into a high voltage area, a welding zone, or a restricted area filling with poisonous gases. But, even when a worker is standing stationary at a seemingly safe place, something heavy might suddenly fall from above and hit the head.


In order to identify and prevent those hazards, it becomes useful to track workers movements within the workplace boundaries.


Smart Hat Will Change the Way People Work Forever

The Smart Hat Location Tracks.


Equipped with GPS and network tracking application, the Smart Hat is able to report the location of workers and assets.


And so, that ensures faster rescue response when static accidents occur and prevents dynamic hazards from happening.


Other than environment-related hazards, worker’s unintended negligence is another cause for workplace accidents.


Often, workers do not recognise that they are too tired to give their full concentration.

When workers continue to work under duress, not only are they putting their own lives at risk, but others as well.

The Smart Hat Monitors Fatigue.


Equipped with biometric sensors, AI chip on-premise, Machine Learning analytics, and a Cloud-based processing library, the Smart Hat is programmed to perform physiological analysis of heart rate variability, respiratory rate and body velocity.


The Smart Hat Digitises Workflow.


Equipped with sensors, the Smart Hat enables machine-to- machine and equipment-to-equipment worksite communication. Those features contributes towards monitoring and controlling in term of safety management, which is a critical component in heavy industries.


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