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Smart Lab

We  created the Smart Lab   to meet two objectives:


1. To help our customers research, prototype,

develop, and/or modify IoT related solutions and products.

 project management

2. To build our proprietary Smart IoT intelligent devices.

(Our focus is in developing life-saving Personal Protective Equipment.)

smart iot products

The Smart Lab   features Smart IoT solutions and end-to-end platform

to facilitate product research, development and testing.


Building on our strategy to support customers in their IoT projects, the Smart Lab   focuses on enabling smart devices and gateways, speeding up the connection of legacy systems to the cloud, and structuring end-to-end analytics to turn data into actionable information.





   Smart Lab  :


*Develops and tests IoT proof-of-concepts with

compatible Smart IoT solutions.


*Gives access to end-to-end technologies, including hardware, platform, cloud, and software solutions.


*Analyses the scalabilities of IoT solutions.


*Speeds up product 'go-to-market'

with 'up-to-date' IoT and OEM solutions.


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