Business Growth Demands


We build robust easy-to-navigate solutions that are efficient and cost effective.

Our enterprise scale hardware and software are customised and a need-to-have-basis. Those flexibilities enables

 us to help our customers tackle what matters most to their business.

Our range of expertise, from project inception through to completion, includes:


*Business intelligence assessment, strategy and road-mapping


*Business insights and forecast


*IoT management


*AI analytics solutions


*Database mining and reporting



Our aim is to get   "small" and "medium" size business gain greater insight into their workflows, but spending as little money as possible.

By investing in technology and data management.

The Smart IoT Difference

By creating a roadmap for technology adoption.

By drawing up a technology strategy to maximise opportunities.

By making business improvements from insights harnessed from data analytics.

An Example: How IoT is Changing the Oil and Gas Industry

IoT is revolutionising the oil and gas industry making things easier, safer, and more cost-effective.

Asset Tracking


* Sensors to track everything from inventory to oil and gas shipments traveling across the world


*Track temperature changes, leaks and others issues that might occur during transit. And, address those remotely before they become dire problems.

Remote Services


*System can be repaired and serviced remotely or even autonomously to reduce risk of workplace injuries especially in the complicated and dangerous system.

Remote Monitoring


*System are connected to one network and programmed to relay information back to devices, such as a smartphone or tablet.


*Uses gathered information to better understand how the system is performing virtually from any location.



Data Collection


*Storage of important data on the cloud computing system that is accessible from any location securedly.


*Information collected from system allows users to actively monitor overall performance in lieu of scheduling repairs and maintenance.

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