Our IoT Expert Panel List

Smart IoT has initiated and gathered a panel of leading experts to elicit knowledge.


We believe that having a panel of experts will contribute to:

• Meaningful interaction and networking between different technology disciplines and areas of expertise.

• Innovation of cutting-edge technology.

• The credibility and authority lent to the Smart IoT technology, ideas, and solutions.


When it comes to innovating and problem solving, the expert schema is based on deep principles. That is when solving a problem, an expert usually looks for the principle that is applicable to the challenge at hand. Furthermore, being ‘lateral thinkers’ experts organise concepts in what could be thought of as ‘mini-networks’, so that rich interconnections around a central ‘deep’ idea could be made.


Scott Fan

Data Science and IoT Solutions Architect


• Uses computer science applications, modelling, statistics, analytics, and math to uncover insights in data sets.

• Provides technical leadership in a team that designs and develops analysis systems to extract meaning from large scale data.

• Deep knowledge and expertise in IoT.

• Applies understanding of API platforms, business dynamics and technology ecosystem to develop customer-centric strategy.



Software and Hardware Engineering


• A key contributor to product development for commercialisation, offering design modification and solutions to improve quality, reduce cost and optimise production techniques.

• Demonstrates creativity, manufacturing expertise, computer proficiency, and engineering knowledge.

• Designs and develops products from initial evaluation of theoretical designs through to prototyping, testing and market launch.

• Loves to problem-solve and is passionate on breaking IoT glass ceilings.



Hardware Engineering


• A field expert in schematic capture and layout of complex high-speed boards for current and next generation product lines.

• Collaborates with hardware, signal integrity and mechanical engineers to deploy the latest chip technology used in network products.

• Work closely with cross functional product development teams in PIC module, firmware, mechanical, and test software.

• Monitors testing procedures to ensure that all tests are performed according to established item specifications, standard test methods, and protocols.



Mechanical Engineering


• Deft at laying out mechanical and structural designs, payload layout and project management.

• Designs moulds, press tools, jigs and fixtures and seeing the process through to manufacturing, assembling and trouble-shooting.

• Develops solution design by studying case specific analyses before engineering and designing of technical solutions.

• A born maker who is an independent inventor, designer and tinkerer.


Dr. Chan

(Ph.D, Singapore)

Data Analytics and Digital Communications


• Works with analysts to implement analytical approaches and methodologies applicable to business data and statistics for measuring business performance.

• Interpreting data to help increase business revenues, improve operational efficiency, optimise marketing campaigns and customer service efforts, respond quickly to emerging market trends and to gain competitive edge.

• Directs strategic design, implementation and management of online and offline communication strategies targeting media and industry engagement, to promote the value of IoT.

• A believer of super crunching.



Big Data & IoT Expert


• Internet of Things using a network of satellites

• IoT telecommunication satellite tracker

• Strategic planning for organization’s long-term goal, constructing an Internet of Things (IoT) using Nano-satellites in earth’s orbit

• A detail oriented and creative technologist, comfortable in a highly collaborative, entrepreneurial environment.


Dr. Goodfellow

(Ph.D, the UK)

Cyber Security, Big Data and Machine Learning


• A highly respected expert in the area of protecting data from unauthorised electronic access.

• Deploys risk-based and forward-thinking approaches when drawing up security solutions for cloud and networking space, mitigating risk to enable business feasibilities.

• Profound analytic skills and an ability to aggregate data that is relatable in a matrixed business organisation.

• Big advocate of the maker movement and a believer in giving back to the community by delivering.



Electronic & Communication Engineering


• Proactive player, strong leadership and high stress resistance, developed and

deployed valuable product into the global market with Wire and Wireless Communications product thru

customers, TELCO or e-commerce platform, work in R&D, Manufacturing, Process, NPI, Test Engineering

and Supply Chain.

• Product Development Cycle and Execution in R&D and Manufacturing (Process, Test, Setup)

• Broad experience working with global cross functional team and overseas design house (Inventel, France)

and customers (Amazon, Verizon, Walmart, Bellsouth, SAGEM, Telecom Italia, Loewe Binatone –

Motorola, Thomson), support and travel abroad including the 2015 Brazil Moto Maker (Jag) line Setup,

Test Engineering, Process and Testing.



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